Soft Shell Crabs

    Blue crabs shed their shell from April through September. They back out of hard shells and their bodies are soft for a short period of time. We take these "soft-shells" out of the shedders before they harden and chill them to 38 degrees to assure freshness during processing. They are cleaned live daily and wrapped in a high quality polypropylene wrap. Crabs are conveniently wrapped 2 to the package and are ready for your preparation. These soft-shells are then frozen at 0 degrees. A very soft pliable crab and quick processing is the ultimate assurance of the finest, freshest soft crab available.



5 1/2 inches & above          $57.00 per dozen


 5 - 5 1/2 inches                 $52.00 per dozen


 4 1/2 - 5 inches                 $42.00 per dozen


4 - 4 1/2 inches           $36.00 per dozen



It is a NEW season and we have ALL sizes available to ship immediately!!! 

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Steamed Blue Crabs

    It's all about taste...the North Carolina Blue Crab! North Carolina is the number one producer of Blue Crabs in the United States. Nothing looks better on a dinner plate. Cracking open a crab to remove the meat may require a little work, but since when did something really worthwhile become easy. Eat it right out of the claw or shell, or dip it in melted butter. Our steamed Blue Crabs are now available to you overnight!


Colossal Blue Crabs                                                                             

6 1/2 inches & above                                        $50.00 per dozen *


Jumbo Blue Crabs                              

  6 - 6 1/2 inches                                                $40.00 per dozen 
$90.00 per half bushel  (about 2.5 dozen)
$160.00 per Bushel (about 5 dozen)


Large Blue Crabs                    

   5 1/2 - 6 inches                                               $30.00 per dozen
$80.00 per half bushel (about 3 dozen)
$140.00 per Bushel (about 6 dozen)

Female Blue Crabs

5 inches & up (mixed)                                      $18.00 Dozen
$45.00 per half Bushel (about 4 dozen)
$75.00 per Bushel (about 8 dozen)


These crabs will be steamed to your taste with Old Bay Seasoning. To reheat, Place a raised rack in the bottom of a large pan, add about two inches of water and a cup of vinegar or beer. Try not to let the crabs touch the water, once the steam gets rolling, add the crabs and steam them for about eight minutes.


* Item is sold only by the dozen.



    Our crabcakes are the best you will ever taste! They are a delicate balance of crabmeat, fresh jumbo lump and sweet back fin, with light filler and favorite family seasonings. Pan fry these four ounce each crabcakes in butter for the most satisfying dining experience ever. Our crabcakes are sold by the dozen or half dozen.

$83.00 per dozen

$45.00 per half dozen


North Carolina Crabmeat

    We have genuine USA American Blue Crab. Our Blue Crab is always 100% Callinectes Sapidus, picked in North Carolina, and preservative and additive free. We have Jumbo Lump Crabmeat. These are very large pieces of white meat that come from the body of the crab. It is especially good for recipes where appearance and taste are important, such as appetizers and salads. We also have Back fin crabmeat. The back fin area of the crab is also produces solid lumps of white meat. These smaller lumps, some of them broken, are just as good for most recipes.


Jumbo Lump: $30.00 per pound

Back fin: $18.50 per pound


Sea Scallops

These sweet and tender scallops are sea frozen for optimum quality and are preservative free. They are sold by the pound, 20/30 count. Scallops are a great source of protein, low in fat, and can be prepared so many different ways. A simple way to prepare scallops is to place them thawed in a baking dish. Pour melted butter over and spice of your choice (we love garlic and paprika). Broil until they turn opaque (about 5 -10 minutes, depending on how many you have in the dish).

Sea Scallops: $9.99 per pound


Bacon Wrapped Scallop Medallions

Scallop Medallions are NOT imitation scallops. They are 100% natural scallops with Fibrin ( a natural protein binder that comprises 5 % or less of the finished product). They have a very fresh homemade flavor and the convenience of a catered product. These are sold by the pound, with approximately 15 Bacon Wrapped Scallop Medallions to the pound. 

Bacon Wrapped Scallop Medallions: $9.99 per pound