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Goldsmith Seafood
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Wanchese, NC 27981


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We take tremendous pride in our ability to deliver fresh North Carolina seafood to your door. When they leave our facility they will be packed properly with frozen gel packs and placed in insulated boxes. Your product will be shipped through Federal Express to ensure a successful overnight delivery.
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Soft Shell Crabs
Whale Dozen 8 lb.. $57.00 per dozen
Jumbo Dozen 7 lb..
$52.00 per dozen
Prime Dozen 6 lb..
$42.00 per dozen
Hotel Dozen 5 lb..
$36.00 per dozen
*Minimum order of 1 Dozen (12) crabs
** Does not include FedEx shipping costs
No international shipping.


Steamed Blue Crabs

  SIZE                    UNIT                        PRICE                    SHIPPING WEIGHT
  Colossal               Dozen                        $50.00                                15 lbs.

Jumbo                  Dozen                        $40.00                                 14 lbs.

                               Half Bushel                $90.00                                  23 lbs.
                               Bushel                       $160.00                                40 lbs.

Large                   Dozen                        $30.00                                 13 lbs.

                               Half Bushel                $80.00                                 23 lbs.
                               Bushel                       $140.00                               40 lbs.
  Females               Dozen                       $12.00                                 10 lbs.
                               Half Bushel               $30.00                                 23 lbs.
                               Bushel                      $50.00                                 40 lbs.


  1/2 Dozen                                            $45.00                                   6 lbs.   
  Dozen                                                  $83.00                                   7 lbs.